s5_logoArua SEZ Ltd was incorporated to develop and operate a Free Zone in Arua Municipality-West Nile region of Uganda. It will provide dedicated infrastructure to attract Greenfield Foreign Direct Investment [FDI] and Domestic Direct Investment to job creating export oriented enterprises that will operate in the Free Zone.

The Free Zone is best suited to be located in Arua because of its proximity to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan, both major export destinations for goods originating from Uganda. They are also sources of unique base metals and timber that are highly sought after in the international market, thus presenting an opportunity for bi-directional flow of Trade to and from these countries. In an organized manner that is sensitive to the environment and the need to stop illicit trade.

The project will be anchored on Ware houses to facilitate the activities of; labeling, packing and repacking, sorting, grading, cleaning and mixing (agro processing) and breaking of bulk. In future expansion Arua SEZ will consider Aquaculture by the local community along the river Nile, Arua SEZ will house a purpose built Fish processing Unit, to provide demand to local communities farmed fish outputs for secondary processing into the fish derivatives of Feed, Omega and fillet for export thus achieving the integration of local communities into the global fish derivatives value chains. Timber processing into finished manufactures for export and,
The Activities below will mainly be undertaken by business enterprises that will be tenants of the Free Zone. The Activities targeted will include

  1. Warehousing and Storage
  2. Labeling, packing and repacking
  3. Sorting, grading, cleaning and mixing
  4. Breaking bulk
  5. Simple assembly
  6. Grouping of packages

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